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4 Things to Ask Your Holistic Dentist About

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There are a lot of people who are just getting in on the holistic dentistry process, and so many do not know much about it. In fact, there are quite a number of dentists who are not practicing holistic dentistry at the moment, and it would really be a challenge for you to visit such a dentist.

At the moment it is not so easy to find a dentist that can wholesomely care for your dental health, and that of your family as well, especially when you are looking for someone who is into holistic dentistry. It gets even worse because there are certain dentists out there who make claims that they are holistic dentists, but that is not the case after all. As a patient you need to make sure you are working with a dentist who really cares for you, one who is legitimately a . You must be careful because there are lots of dentists out there who simply claim to be practicing holistic dentistry.

There are a number of questions that you can ask your dentist, to find out whether or not they are indeed actual biological dentists, as we will discuss herein:

What do they cover in the first exam?

You will notice that some dentists use up between 3 and 7 minutes to determine any potential issues with the patient. In as much as this might work, a good holistic dentist will often take more time than this, probably longer, because they need to look at so many other things, which cannot be handled in 7 minutes. They will have to look at things like sleep quality, posture, or even your breathing capacity. They will even discuss your diet with you, and how this affects your health in general.

Which materials do they use for restoration?

The first thing you will notice about a true holistic dentist is that they never use dental amalgam. The reason for this is because it has around 50% of mercury content in it. Mercury is toxic, and it should never be in the body at all.

Other than that, a holistic dentist will not recommend any devices that contain BPA such as mouth guards, and a host of other dental sealants which are commonly used for those who have cavities.

What do they think about x-ray?

Traditionally, x-rays will help, but then again they expose you to so much radiation, too much more than you should have access to. For kids, this is in fact quite harmful. There are certain holistic dentists who avoid x-rays altogether. The best idea would be to use low radiation x-ray.

Do they perform root canals?

From time to time these procedures might be acceptable, depending on the situation. However, there are so many chemicals that are in use here, which will sterilize the root and in the process kill the nerves.

There are so many health issues that might arise as a result of the chemicals leaking into your body. Therefore at times it is safer to remove the infected tooth altogether, with better results.