The Sliding Door Revolution

The Sliding Door RevolutionNow if you have been keeping your ears to the ground with the trend of sliding barn doors then you might have already heard about the topic that we are going to talk about today, custom sliding closet doors. This has been something that has been exploding in residential and commercial districts worldwide and shows no sign of coming down soon. According to KNR Culver City, here are just some areas that we are seeing more and more custom sliding doors in:

Downtown Hayloft
For this example, in particular, lets go to the owner of Hardlines Inc in Minneapolis where they are accepting sliding closet doors with open arms. Using a combination of brick and columns they give their offices an authentic modern feel that draws in the crowd. If there is anything that makes your building looks old, then it is barn doors.

Rando, owner of Hub 420, recently just created several youth centers they are proud of their customs sliding doors. The way that they set up the doors just goes to shows the sheer amount of creativity that you get when using sliding doors. Stephans made his doors so that anyone can access them, but more on that later.

ADA Applications
Sliding doors are for everyone even the disable. This small advantage makes it leagues better than the traditional door. The fact that it saves on floor space as well is another way that it goes to contribute to making any building wheelchair accessible. On top of creating churches, Rando creates ADA Utilization.


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